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To help you achieve your best workout. Ever.


We create premium fitness clothing and supplements at an accessible price.


  • Create the best fitness clothing and supplements available on the market
  • Help facilitate and encourage the transferal of knowledge to help drive the health and fitness industry forwards
  • Strive to make every product we create better than the last
  • Create with minimal negative effect on the planet, people or environment 


After experiencing constant disappointment when ordering new gym wear with high hopes, only for it to turn up and not live up to expectations, we decided there had to be another way. A way where you didn’t have to put up with style over substance, poor quality fabrics and ill fitting seams.

At the same time the supplements market was just flooded with neon containers full of artificial everything promising to give you an edge. Companies re-purposing the same supplements with a new brighter, louder label. The truth was most of the supplements either did very little or contained so much unknown substance you spent the rest of the day crashing. Not that anyone knew what was in them as most refuse to fully declare their ingredient list.

This was when an idea was born. A commitment to design everything around helping people get their best workout ever. A workout with no external limits or restrictions. Just you against you.

Fast forward thousands of hours, hundreds of meetings, development sessions and samples we had created our first clothing range. The black edition. An all-black range focused on quality of finish and look. We had also created a complete range of plant-based supplements suitable for everyone and free from all the nasty extras such as GMO, gluten, dairy, artificial colours and flavours. The entire range is also plant based so even suitable for vegans.

And the name…. Half Human is verbal representation of the elevated mindset and feeling you get when you step into your next session. That feeling, that space. That moment when you are not simply human. You are something more. Something bigger. Something greater.

You know that feeling.

Our sole purpose is to ensure nothing gets between you and that magical space.

That place where reality shifts very slightly and you are more than you were when you walked in.